16 bar Strathspey.
A round-the-room dance like Circassian Circle. Each couple, with the man on the left, faces another couple.

Music: My heart is sair for somebody, The braes aboon Bonaw & My boy Tammie arranged by Peter White (see Dances to Song Tunes for the music).

figures for Somebody figures for Somebody

1-4 The two couples dance half rights and lefts (see figure 1).

5-6 They set to partners, taking hands with the person beside them, and

7-8 Turn partners with both hands into a diagonal with the men back to back.

9-12 They dance a half reel of four, passing partners right shoulder to begin (see figure 2).

13-16 They poussette to meet the next couple, the men beginning with the left foot (see figure 3).

Repeat with the next couple.

Devised by Hugh Foss.
Dances to Song Tunes. 1966.