Wha'll be King but Charlie?

32 bar Jig

Music: Wha'll be king but Charlie? arranged by Peter White (see Dances to Song Tunes for the music).

figure for Wha'll be king but Charlie?

1-8 1st couple set, cross over, cast off one place and cross back (2nd move up on 5-6).

9-12 1st and 2nd couples dance four hands round to the left, and

13-16 Left hands across back again.

17-24 1st, 2nd, 3rd couples set and cross over, set and cross back, giving right hands each time.

25-28 They dance six hands round to the left - about three quarters round.

29-30 All let go hands, 2nd and 3rd couples dance on to corner places, while 1st couple, turning left about, dance round outside them counter-clockwise to 2nd place, "wrong" sides (see figure) and

31-32 Giving right hands, cross back to own sides.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

Devised by Hugh Foss.
Dances to Song Tunes. 1966.