Music: 48 bar tune played AABBCC.
(Bonnie Anne will fit, but I prefer to keep it for the St Columban Reel.)

8 girls stand in a square facing out whilst 4 boys make a smaller square in the middle facing inwards. (see diagram 1).

diagram for Wattle Valley Reeldiagram for Wattle Valley Reel

1 - 8 All slip step to the left 4 bars, then on bar 5 the girls pull their left shoulders back to face inwards, and the boys pull their right shoulders back to face outwards to continue circling in the same direction. (The girls will circle once round to places, the boys twice).

9 -16 Each boy dances three hands across and back with the two girls he is now facing.

17-19 The boys now join hands with these same girls as in double triangles. All set once.

19-20 The girls continue setting whilst the boys slip step to their right to finish facing the next group of girls.

21-32 Repeat bars 17-20 three times more.

33-36 Each boy dances a half figure of eight round the girl on his right (see diagram 2).

37-40 Boys give left hands across in the centre and wheel once round.

41-44 Each boy continues his figure of eight round the other girl (see diagram 3).

diagram for Wattle Valley Reel

45-48 The boys give right hands across in a wheel.

49-64 Petronella Triangle. Each group of 3 (one boy & 2 girls) set once then turns with 2 pas de bas to the place of the person on their right. Repeat twice more then all join hands in a circle, set advancing on the right foot and raise hands, retire with the left foot and, dropping hands dance 2 pas de bas turning on the spot.

65-72 Groups 1 & 3 dance a reel of four, the girls joining hands in a promenade hold.

73-80 Groups 2 & 4 repeat bars 65-72

81-96 The girls dance a grand chain, whilst the boys dance rights and lefts, but turning each other 1½ times for 4 bars instead of just changing places in 2 bars each time.

St Columban Book - Sheila Gradon