Music: 32 bar jig.

One couple facing another round the edge of the room (like "Come Ashore Jolly Tar ").

In this dance the first couples are the pairs dancing clockwise round the room, and the second couple anticlockwise.

1 - 8 Everybody rights and lefts.
9 -16 1st couple dance through middle of second couple, divide and dance round them back to places. Turn partner right hand.
17-24 2nd couple repeat bars 9-16 round 1st couple.
25-32 All advance and retire. (giving three claps on bar 28.) Advance four steps, the 1st couple making an arch over the 2nd couple.
Repeat with each new couple until meeting the original couple with whom they began dancing. All cheer.

St Columban Book - Sheila Gradon