THE SCOTTISH MAN OF WAR (or The Loch Lomond)

Music: 8 x 32 bar jig.

The Loch Lomond was a sailing ship which brought migrants to Australia in the years 1870 to 1908. It was known as the Scottish Man of War, because it had gun ports painted on its sides.

One couple facing another round the room, 1s face clockwise.

1 - 8 Four hands round and back. (The gun ports)

9 -16 The two boys turn right hands and then left. (the sails).

17-24 The two girls repeat bars 9-16. (the sails)

25-32 "Waves". The 1st couple, advancing with 8 skip change of step, make an arch over the 2nd couple, lower their hands to dance under an arch made by the next couple they meet, make an arch over the next couple, dance under the next arch to meet the new couple with whom they will repeat the dance.
Meanwhile the 2nd couple do likewise, but commence by going under an arch. (Rather like Jessie's Hornpipe without turning round).
Take two steps to each arch.

Beyond the Black Stump - Sheila Gradon