Music: La Tempete.

Lightning Ridge is an opal mining area in the north of N.S.W.
A square set dance for four couples.

1 - 8 Eight hands round and back. (The top of the mine shaft).
Remain holding hands except for the 1st boy and 2nd girl.

9 -16 1st couple make an arch and stand whilst 2nd girl leads the rest of the set under the arch and round to places in an anticlockwise direction. The first girl turning under her own arm. (Going down the shaft).

17-24 1st and 3rd couples rights and lefts (erecting the props)

25-32 2nd and 4th couples rights and lefts. (erecting the props)

33-48 Grand Chain. (Celebrating because they have found the opals)

Repeat three more times, on the 2nd turn the 2nd couple make the arch and the 3rd couple lead the "miners" down the shaft, and so on.

Beyond the Black Stump - Sheila Gradon