Music: 8 x 32 bar jig.

I always feel it is a pity that so many of the simple dances use down the middle and up and cast one place as a means of progression. Not only does it require concentration to keep on the correct foot, it also demands that you don't do what the music tells you, yet, despite its simplicity, down the middle and back to 2nd place is rarely used.

2 couple dance. Long set.

1 - 8 1st and 2nd couples turn by the right hand and then by the left hand finishing in the middle ready for

9 -16 a 2 couple promenade.

17-24 1st couple dance down the middle and up to 2nd place (2nd couple move up on bars 19 and 20)

25-32 Four hands round and back.

St Columban Book - Sheila Gradon.