Music: 40 bar tune played AABBB

Two three couple sets stand side by side with the girls forming the two inside lines.

diagram for Jimmy's Jigdiagram for Jimmy's Jig

1 - 8 Dancing in a clockwise direction the boys skip change round to the other side of the sets for 6 bars and set whilst the girls dance a grand chain for 6 bars and set (this requires agile dancing so the setting can be omitted for the girls if necessary. (see diagrams1 & 2).

9 -10 Girls 1 and 6 change places. (giving right hands)

11-12 Girls 3 and 4 change places. (giving right hands)

13-14 Girls 2 and 5 change places. (giving right hands)

diagram for Jimmy's Jigdiagram for Jimmy's Jig

15-16 Everybody set (see diagram 3 for positions)

17-20 All dance half a right shoulder reel of three up and down the dance (top row commencing by facing down) (Finish as in diagram 4)

21-28 The girls dance half a Petronella diamond. Finish facing outwards.

29-32 All set to the person facing them.

33-36 With a right arm Tulloch hold all swing to finish with the boys in the middle.

37-40 The boys now swing with left arms to change places.
Finish as in diagram 5.

diagram for Jimmy's Jig

Repeat the dance with the boys in the middle lines.

St Columban Book - Sheila Gradon