Suitable Tune: Peatfire Flame.

This dance was devised to practice changing from skip change to pas de basque and vice-versa. It also introduces a simplified version of a "Petronella Diamond", a formation I have found very popular with children.

The road over Ironbung Creek dips and curves at the same time so that a motorist almost has to negotiate two sides of a diamond in order to cross it.

1 -16 All dance a "Skip change diamond". This is like a Petronella Diamond, except the dancers progress without turning to each point of the diamond with two skip changes of step, (instead of two pas de basque steps turning). They then set to their partners as they would in a Petronella diamond.
17-24 1st couple down the middle and up.
25-28 1st couple set and cast one place. (2nd couple move up).
29-32 1st couple set and cast again. (3rd couple move up).
33-36 1st couple set and cast to bottom place (4th couple move up).
37-40 All turn right hands, four skip change of step.

Repeat with a new top couple.

Beyond the Black Stump - Sheila Gradon