Music: 64 bar jig.

A square set dance for four couples.

1 -16 "The Ghost Train" (which they are rather hesitant about).
Facing anticlockwise (boy behind partner) dance round each side of the square doing skip change for two bars, then stand for two bars. (more capable children can set for 2 bars)

17-24 "The Big Wheel" A double wheel as in the eightsome reel, i.e. girls give right hands across whilst holding partner's hand. Boys give left hands across whilst still holding partner's hand.

25-32 "The round-about" eight hands round and back.

33-40 "The side stalls" 1st and 3rd couples change places with four skip change of step, the first couple making an arch for the 3rd couple to pass under. Repeat back to places, the 3rd couple making the arch.

41-48 2nd and 4th couples repeat bars 33-40 the 2nd couple making the arch first.

49-56 "Meeting to go home" All turn partner right and then left, crossing right hand over left on bar 56 ready for

57-64 Promenade; either back to places to repeat the dance once more or 1st couple lead them all "home".

Beyond the Black Stump - Sheila Gradon