Music: 40 bar jig

This dance was devised to include the whole class in a display of Scottish Country Dancing in 1973.

The dancers stand in a single circle, boys with their partners on their right.

1 - 8 Circle round and back.

9 -16 Boys advance towards centre with two small skip change of step and join hands to make arches. Girls stand for two bars, dance under partner's right arch, round in front of him under the left arch and out to place. Boys turn round to face partners on bar 16.

17-24 Back to back with partners, turn right hands to finish facing anticlockwise, hands crossed ready for:

25-32 Promenade with an allemande hold. On bar 32 the boy turns his partner under his arm to face him ready for:

33-40 Grand Chain. Taking two steps to each person and counting partner as No.1, pass 4 people. The 5th person (to whom they do not give hands) is the new partner.

NOTES: The Grand Chain will be more easily mastered if the Illabo Rant has been taught first. Swing well in or out to use up the two bars of music to each changing of hands. Good phrasing is vitally important if the children are to find their partners successfully.
If the dance is done as a demonstration the children can slip step in a line into place on bars 1 - 8.

Beyond the Black Stump - Sheila Gradon