Music: 48 bar jig

The children stand in pairs round the edge of the room, boys on the inside, girls on the outside.

1 - 8 Join both hands with partner, 8 slip steps anticlockwise followed by 8 slip steps clockwise.

9 -16 All face centre. Girls advance with two small skip change to finish on right of partner, all advance towards centre, raising hands and "Hooch". Retire four steps finishing in one big circle.

17-24 Boys, facing anticlockwise dance a figure of eight round partner and girl in front of her. (Commence by dancing out to right).

25-32 Girls, facing clockwise, dance a figure of eight round partner and boy in front. (Commence by dancing out to left.)

33-40 All turn right hands once round, all turn left hand ¾ times to finish side by side facing anticlockwise ready for:

41-48 Promenade. After 6 steps the boys stand still (clapping or stamping, if the floor will stand it, on the first beat of bars 47 and 48) whilst the girls continue dancing forwards to meet the next boy.


NOTE: If the dance is performed with a small group of children it is effective to touch hands in the middle, (thus making a brief wheel) during the figures of eight.

Beyond the Black Stump - Sheila Gradon