Square dance for four couples, numbered as for an Eightsome Reel.

Music: Newcastle Hornpipe & Kelly’s Hornpipe

figures for Newcastle figures for Newcastle

First Figure: 1st and 3rd couples dancing.

1-2 1st and 3rd couple set to opposites, women advancing

3-4 Turn opposites with cross hands (skip change) and retain hands.

5-8 With men passing right shoulders, they promenade round each other inside the set. At end men take each other by the right hand, woman retain left hands with opposites and turn right about.

9-10 Balance in line

11-12 Turn the women into the middle

13-14 Balance again

15-16 Men fall back into places, women turn by right hands to places

17-18 Men set to each other and

19-20 Turn each other with cr5ossed hands to face partners, letting go with left hand first

21-24 Half reel of four, pass partners right shoulder. At end, take crossed hands with partners, men omit last left shoulder pass

25-28 Turn partner once round, with crossed hands

29-30 With hands crossed in front, pass opposites by right shoulder, to change places (women to women).

31-32 turn to places.

Second Figure: All dancing.

1-2 Set to opposites, women advancing

3-4 All turn opposites with crossed hands.

5-8 All promenade clockwise half round. At the end, men take right hands across, women retain left hands and turn ready for

9-10 Balance in line

11-12 turn women into the middle, men out

13-14 Balance in line again

15-16 Men fall back to places, women give right hands across to places.

17-18 Men set to their opposite man

19-20 Men with crossed hands across with their opposite, dance slip step three-quarters of a circle to face their partners, letting go with left hands first

21-24 Half reels of four, intersecting

25-32 All for couples with hands crossed in front, half reel of four. Started by first and second women passing right shoulders, third and forth couples likewise.

Devised by Hugh Foss.
The Rose Collection of Scottish Dances 1978, which was the final collection dedicated to the memory and achievement of Hugh Foss. The book contains all remaining dances not formally published by him during his life-time.