The Lily of the Vale

32 bar Reel

Music: The Lily of the Vale is Sweet.

1-4 1st couple turn by the right hand once round.

5-8 2nd couple join in and the first two couples do right hands across once round.

9-16 The three women do a reel of three on their own side and the three men do the same on theirs.

17-24 1st woman casts off one place, crosses over, casts off behind the 3rd man and crosses to below the 3rd woman. The 1st man follows, ending below the 3rd man. (2nd couple move up on bars 19-20).

25-28 1st man casts up and crosses over to below the 2nd woman. 1st woman crosses over and casts up round the 3rd man.

29-32 1st couple turn with both hands one and a half times to their own side.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

Devised by Hugh Foss.
The Rose Collection of Scottish Dances 1978, which was the final collection dedicated to the memory and achievement of Hugh Foss. The book contains all remaining dances not formally published by him during his life-time.