Miss Grant of Elchies

32 bar Strathspey

Music: Miss Grant of Elchies, by William Marshall (Marshall’s Collection, 3rd ed. Vol 2, p.21)

Figures for Miss Grant of Elchies

1-4 1st couple, giving right hands, cross over to below 2nd couple, cast off round 3rd couple and turn each other by the left hand half round.

5-8 They cross again to opposite sides below 2nd couple, cast up round them and cross back to own sides, giving right hands (see diagram 1).

9-12 1st and 2nd couples dance four hands round to the left.

13-16 1st and 2nd couples, retaining hands at the sides, set to and turn partners by the right hand once round, 1st couple ending in the centre of the dance, 2nd couple in own places, facing outwards.

17-24 1st couple repeat their movement for bars 1-8, while 2nd and 3rd dance reels of three on their own sides; to begin, 22nd couple dance out and up, 3rd couple in and up (see diagram 2 for bar 17 and diagram 3 for bar 21).

25-28 1st couple turn with both hands once round and cast off one place. Meanwhile 2nd and 3rd couples turn with both hands twice round, 2nd couple moving up to top place during their second turn.

29-32 All three couples, taking hands at the sides, set to and turn partners by the right hand once round.

Repeat having passed a couple.

NOTE: At the end of their first time through 1st couple may remain in the middle of the dance. The last time through they may cast off two places on 27-28, while both 2nd and 3rd couple move up during their second turn.

Devised by Hugh Foss.
The Rose Collection of Scottish Dances 1978, which was the final collection dedicated to the memory and achievement of Hugh Foss. The book contains all remaining dances not formally published by him during his life-time.