Cutty Sark

32 bar Reel.

Music: Cutty Sark (Kerr’s Collection, p. 14)

figures for Cutty Sark figures for Cutty Sark

1-6 1st couple dance the first six bars of Petronella, moving down to 2nd place, opposite sides (2nd move up on 3-4).

7-8 1st couple turn right about and cast round their first corners tapping them on the right shoulder.

9-12 1st couple dance up and down the middle of the dance, passing each other left shoulder, and begin casting round their second corners, and tap them on the right shoulder. First corners turn right about, follow 1st couple and begin turning each other by the left hand.

13-16 1st couple, having cast round their second corners, pass each other left shoulder and the man goes down the middle and the woman up. Then they turn to their right and begin dancing round outside the others. First corners complete their left hand turn to end on their own sides in 2nd place, where they stand for two bars. Second corners turn right about, follow 1st couple and turn each other by the left hand to end in the middle of the dance, 2nd woman facing up and 3rd man facing down.

17-24 Corners dance six bars of Petronella and on 23-24 they turn right about and prepare to join hands in a circle. 1st couple dance clockwise round the others, man to top place woman to 3rd place, own sides (17-18), then they change places, passing right shoulders (19-20) and continue dancing round clockwise (21-24).

25-28 1st couple pick up their first corners’ left hands in their own right hands, give left hands to second corners and all six circle hands round to the left, ending with 1st couple in 2nd place, own sides. (Note: at bar 24 the left-foot skip-change merges into slip-steps to the left).

29-32 1st couple turn by the right hand once round to own sides. 2nd and 3rd couples cross back to own sides, giving right hands to partners, and stand for the last two bars.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

Devised by Hugh Foss.
The Rose Collection of Scottish Dances 1978, which was the final collection dedicated to the memory and achievement of Hugh Foss. The book contains all remaining dances not formally published by him during his life-time.