Mrs Rigby's Rant

Reel: longways set

1-4 2nd couple do a half figure of eight round first couple while 3rd couple set and cross over.

5-12 Right shoulder reels of four on side lines

13-16 1st and 4th couples cross over giving right hands and cast to between 2nd and 3rd couples. 2nd and 3rd couples move out (figure 1)

diagram for Mrs Rigby's Rant diagram for Mrs Rigby's Rant

17-20 1st and 4th couples do four hands across right hands.

21-24 All four couples do eight hands across half round to own side.

25-32 On bars 25-30, 2nd and 3rd couples do three sides of a rights and lefts to change places, while 1st and 4th couples do four hands round, set and lead to the foot, 3rd couple moving up ( i.e. complete the last side of rights and lefts to 2nd place, while 2nd couple stand still at top place)

Robert Donald ( composed for the opening of the redecorated hall in St Andrew's Chuch, Liverpool. 1964)