Mrs Ian Powrie of West Kirkton

Four times 32-bar Strathspey.

1-4 1st, 2nd and 3rd couples dance half reel of three on own side.

5-8 1st couple cross at the bottom to opposite side passing between 2nd and 3rd couples and continue reel to finish in 1st place on wrong side.

9-16 1st couple cross giving right hands and cast off into 2nd place on own side (2nd couple move up on bars 11 and 12). 1st couple cross over giving left hands and 1st man cast off behing 3rd lady to finish in line of three facing up the dance, at the same time 1st lady casts up behind the 2nd man to finish between 2nd couple facing down in line of three.

17-20 Highland Schottische step for 4 bars. (Note - nearer hands should not be joined when in lines of three.)

21-24 2nd and 3rd men, 1st couple and 2nd and 3rd ladies all turn each other with both hands to finish with 2nd couple in first place, 1st couple in 2nd place, with 3rd couple in 3rd place, all on own sides.

25-28 1st couple dance in towards each other and lead down, divide between 3rd and 4th couples on own sides to finish in 4th place. (3rd and 4th couples move up on 27th and 28th bars.)

29-32 3rd, 4th and 1st couples turn right hands for 4 bars to finish. (2nd couple at the top stand still.)

Note: A new top couple should start at the end of each 32 bars.

Bill Hamilton (Edinburgh)