Kenny Paul of West Linton

3 couple dance in 4 couple set. 32 bar Strathspey.

1-4 1st couple set for 4 bars Highland Schottische setting step.

5-8 1st couple turning by the right hand turn down the dance to finish facing contrary corners (2nd corners). 2nd couple move up on 7-8.

9-16 1st couple set and turn corners with both hands to finish in the centre of the dance facing down, man with his partner on his right.

17-24 1st couple cross below 3rd couple giving right hands and cast up one place on own side, give left hands and cross over and cast up to 1st place on wrong side, then cross to 2nd place own side and finish facing down. (no hands when crossing from the top.)

25-32 2nd, 1st and 3rd couples dance grand chain. To begin 2nd couple cross, 1st couple dance down and 3rd couple dance up.

Bill Hamilton. (Edinburgh)