Welcome All

32 bar Strathspey : 2 couples round the room.

Music : Welcome All

1-6 Joining nearer hands with partners, all set to opposite couple then dance four hands round to the left for four steps.

7-8 Clockwise couple, turning towards each other, drop hands and cast around the anti-clockwise couple, who dance between them to all finish facing a new couple. Figure 1.

Figures 1 & 2 Welcome All

9-16 Inner and outer circles of dancers, Grand Chain, dancing 2 steps for each giving of hands. Figure 2.

17-24 All dance Ladies' Chain with new couples.

25-32 All dance Rondel with clockwise couples dancing under the arch on bar 25 and on bar 31. Couples dancing towards outside of circle dance under on bar 28. Women pass in front of men each time.

Repeat with new couple.

Devised by Sheila Bourne
Hunter Valley Book of Dances

I love round-the-room dances, especially at the start of a social, as it gives an opportunity to meet a lot of people. As I get older however, the dances seem to be more tiring. So here is a little dance which serves the same purpose but is more gentle. S B