Lieutenant Shortland's Reel

40 bar Reel : 5 couples

Music : Rosebrook Road

1-4 1st and 3rd couples set and cast off one place. 2nd and 4th couples step up.

5-8 1st woman with 2nd couple, and 3rd man with 5th couple, dance three hands across, while 1st man and 3rd woman dance four hands across with 4th couple. 1st and 3rd couples finish facing 1st corners. Figure 1.

9-12 1st and 3rd couples dance a half reel of four with 1st corners. 1st and 3rd couples pass right shoulder with partner in the middle to face 2nd corners.

13-16 1st and 3rd couples repeat the half reel of four with 2nd corner positions.

17-24 1st and 3rd couples dance a reel of four in the middle of the dance and finish ready for Double Triangles, while the other three couples dance clockwise round the set for 6 steps to finish 2nd couple in 1st place, 4th couple in 3rd place and 5th couple in own place, and then set. Figure 3.

33-40 All dance Double Triangles. On the last 2 steps 1st and 3rd couples dance down one place to 3rd and 5th places while 4th and 5th couples dance up to 2nd and 4th places. (8 pas de basque steps).

Figures 1-3 Lieutenant Shortland's Reel

Devised by Ros McKie
Hunter Valley Book of Dances

In 1974 Lieutenant Shortland was sent in search of convicts who had escaped from Sydney. On his return trip to Sydney he discovered a large river, which was eventually called the Hunter River in honour of the Governor at that time. Newcastle is the port on the mouth of the Hunter River.