The Hunter's Run

32 bar Jig : 4 couples

Music : The Hunter's Rant

1-8 1st woman followed by partner casts off behind the women's line, while 4th man followed by partner casts up behind the men's line and both couples dance clockwise round the set to places. Meanwhile, 2nd and 3rd couples dance four hands round and back. Figure 1.

9-12 4th man casts up to top place, men move down on 9 and 10, while 1st woman casts off to 4th place and women step up on 9 and 10. Figure 2.

Figures 1 & 2 Hunter's Run

13-16 4th man and 2nd woman, 3rd man and 1st woman set and turn with right hands.

17-20 Repeat bars 9-12 with 3rd man and 2nd woman casting to begin. Figure 3.

21-24 3rd and 1st couples set and turn with right hands.

25-28 3rd couple lead down to 4th place while 4th, 1st and 2nd couples clap 3 times in each of the 2 bars 25-26 then step up on bars 27-28.

29-32 3rd couple turn with right elbow grip while 4th, 1st and 2nd couples advance and retire. Figure 4.

Figures 3 & 4 Hunter's Run

The age-old chase around the world,
he chases her, she chases him;
the others do their social whirl
around they go and back again.
Cut loose and wander end for end
just have a try with someone new
and smile and greet the new-found friend
then give two hands for a little twirl.
Old friends are best, so change anew
to faithful mate go back again
with friendly set the link renew
and two hand turn to make amend.
The tops have made their big resolve
down aisle they go while all applaud,
escaped they do a fast revolve
others sedately in and out. K J

Devised by Kerr Johnston
Hunter Valley Book of Dances