Guid to Ken Ye

32 bar Reel - 2 couples round the room.

Music : Guid to Ken Ye - page 1 : Guid to Ken Ye - page 2

1-4 All set to opposite man or woman and, giving right hands, change places with them to face a new couple.

5-8 Repeat bars 1-4 giving left hands to face another new couple.

9-16 All dance four hands across and back.

17-20 Women advance towards each other for two steps and retire for two.

21-24 Men repeat bars 17-20.

25-26 Women change places giving right hands.

27-28 Men change places giving left hands.

29-32 All turn partners with right hands 1½ times to finish facing a new couple.

Repeat with new couples.

I wrote this dance so dancers could meet more folk - namely three couples instead of the usual one with each repetition of the dance. L J D

Devised by Lorraine Dyall
Hunter Valley Book of Dances