Duncan's Dance

Medley : 16 bars Strathspey & 16 bars Reel : 4 couples

Music : Just for Karen - page 1 : Just for Karen - page 2


1-4 All four couples, joining hands on the side, set and dance 8 hands round for 2 places to the left. Figure 1.

5-8 The four men dance 4 hands once round to the left while the four women do the same.

9-12 All four couples repeat bars 1-4 to finish as in Figure 2.

13-16 4th and 3rd couples dance 4 hands once round to the left while 2nd and 1st couples do the same.


1-8 All four couples dance Reels of Four at the sides, 4th couple facing 3rd couple and 2nd couple facing 1st couple to begin.

9-12 4th and 2nd couples dance half right and left then set, while 1st and 3rd couples set, dance a "Petronella" turn to face up and down the dance, and

13-16 dance another "Petronella" turn to own side. All set with hands joined on the side.

Figures 1 & 2 Duncan's Dance

Devised by Chris Duncan
Hunter Valley Book of Dances