After the Ball

48 bar Strathspey in square set: 4 couples

Music : After the Ball

1-2 All four women cast behind partners.

3-6 All four men dance to the right half-way round the set, while the women dance directly towards the centre of the set, giving right hands and finishing one place to the right of their original posittion. Figure 1.

7-8 All turn person facing with both hands (1st woman with 2nd man, 4th woman with 1st man, 3rd woman with 4th man and 2nd woman with 3rd man). Open out to finish facing own partner. Figure 2.

Figures 1 & 2 After the Ball

9-16 All set twice to partners and turn 1¾ times with both hands to finish on the diagonal, facing anti-clockwise with promenade hold. Figure 3.

Figure 3 After the Ball

17-20 Promenade round the set to original positions.

21-24 All four couples join hands in a circle and advance into the centre, turn on 2nd step, and joining hands with partner dance out to original position in the square set.

25-48 Repeat Bars 1-24 with men casting behind partners to begin, and dancing directly into the middle, giving hands in the centre. Women dance to the left on bar 3.

Devised by Shirley Johnstone
Hunter Valley Book of Dances

After the Ball looks retrospectively at our last Hunter Valley Ball: greeting friends at the start of the evening, dancing with a new partner, but often returning to our original partner, and Auld Lang Syne to bring the happy evening to a close.