The Hidden Loch

A reel for twelve dancers.

Initial positions and labels.

diagram for The Hidden Loch

Figure 1 : The Search

1-4 2nd and 4th pairs of men cast off, B to the right, A to the left, dance to centre of square as in the figure to meet in the centre.

5-8 The four men dance four hands round.

9-12 They dance four hands round back again, while the outer 8 dance eight hands round.

13-16 The outer 8 dance eight hands back while the centre 4 face in on diagonals and set for four bars (set and points).

17-20 2A and 2B, and 4A and 4B turn each other left hands for four bars (elbow grip) finishing on opposite side from the start.

21-24 Men in centre pass lady next to them right hands and cast back to places, the ladies turn each other left hands in centre (figure)

diagram for The Hidden Loch

25-36 Reel of six across the dance.

37-40 1st and 3rd ladies dance out to figure (2 bars) and cross back to place giving right hands.

diagram for The Hidden Loch

41-48 2nd and 4th ladies with 3rd and 1st men dance a large rights and lefts.

diagram for The Hidden Loch

49-56 As they return to places they dance out through own places, casting to meet 1st man with 2nd lady and 3rd man with 4th lady, on diagonals and advance to meet opposite couple in centre. Right hands across.

57-64 1st man with 4th lady and 3rd man with 2nd lady, lead out on the other diagonal, set to "partner" for four bars and cast back to places.

Figure 2 : The swirling waters

1-16 Square reel of 12. Centre dancer and A dance as one. Start by giving left shoulder to B.

17-24 Centre dancers and dancers A make a right hand arched double star, while dancers B dance once round under arches. At the end of the phase, the B dancers dance into centre to form a small circle while others dance out to form a larger concentric circle.

diagram for The Hidden Loch

25-32 Concentric circles round and back.

33-64 Schiehallion type reel of 12. A dancer follows dancer of next lower number, centre dancer follows own A, B dancer follows own centre dancer. four bars to cross dance to next place lower number, two bars to dance out at sides, two bars to come back. Finish as in previous figure.

Figure 3 : The Homeward Path

1-2 4B man with 1B lady on his right dances out through 1 and 4A while 2B man with 3B lady on his right dances out between 3 and 2A.

3-4 They dance out together casting to right to form lines behind 1st and 3rd couples while 2 and 2A, and 4 and 4A dance in to form lines in centre (figure)

diagram for The Hidden Loch

5-8 All set and turn opposite person.

9-16 3B and 2B dance down line to end while 4B and 1B cast up back of line to their place (6 bars). Then 4B change places with 1B while 3 and 3A change places and 2A and 4 change places to finish in figure

diagram for The Hidden Loch

17-20 Led by 3B and 2B respectively the lines cast to circles

diagram for The Hidden Loch

21-32 Figure of eight reel back to position in figure above, at the cross over, lady cross in front of man, six bars to get round each circle.

32-48 Starting with 3B crossing again in the figure of eight reel, followed by 2B, hands joined and all following dancers in turn, dance into a single linked line (like "over the Dee and over the Don"). Dance round the room and off the floor.

Based on the loch in the Caringorms (no name) used for map reading exercises.

Robert Donald 1967