Hanselling the Hoose (or Formby Frolic)

1-8 1st man, 2nd man, 3rd lady, 4th lady do a rights and lefts on the diagonal. On bars 3-6 the 1st and 2nd ladies and 3rd and 4th men do a half rights and lefts on the other diagonal.

9-12 All do a half reel of four on the sides

13-16 1st lady with 2nd lady, 4th lady with 3rd lady, 3rd man with 4th man, 1st man with 2nd man, set and change places.

17-24 1st and 4th couples poussette starting up and down side lines. 1st man starts backwards, and 4th lady goes backwards.

25-32 1st couple with promenade grip lead up the dance and cast round 3rd lady while 4th couple lead down dance and cast up round 2nd man (4 bars), cross to opposite side giving right hands to opposite (2 bars) and set to partner.

33-36 End couples cross and cast (middle couples step out)

37-44 reel of four across the dance, 2nd lady and 3rd man pass right shoulders to start, 2nd man and 3rd lady continue the cast to enter the reel.

45-48 They cast out the way they came and cross back to places right hands.

49-56 The ladies dance four hands across and back. The men do likewise.

57-64 1st man, 2nd man, 3rd lady, 4th lady dance the diagonal rights and lefts while 1st lady and 2nd lady, 3rd and 4th men do half diagonal rights and lefts.

Repeat from new places.

Tune: any reel.

Robert Donald 1968