Davy Glen's Strathspey

Tune: The Wark of the Weavers.

1-4 3rd and 4th couples half rights and lefts

diagram for Davy Glen's Strathspey

5-8 1st and 3rd men advance and set to each other. They use the seecond half of the setting step to pass each other left shoulder. Meanwhile 1st and 3rd ladies cast to opposite ends of dance.

9-16 1st and 3rd couples dance a reel of four up and down the dance.

17-24 3rd and 2nd couples allemande (normally) while 1st and 4th couples allemande, starting down dance, leading up and entering from ladies side.
1st and 4th couple instead of falling back on bars 23-24, change places by 1st couple dancing down under arch made by 4th couple and crossing to own side at foot to finish

diagram for Davy Glen's Strathspey

25-32 2nd, 3rd and 4th couples dance reels of three on side lines, 3rd couple dance down and out, 2nd couple dance down and in, 4th couple dance up and cross over to start.

Repeat from new places.

Davy Glen was a famous "character" of the Scottish hills. A drystane-dyker who worked when he needed to, and spent the rest of his time on the hills.

Green Lochan - Robert Donald