Miss Stewart's Jig

32 bar Jig

Figs. 1-3 for Miss Stewart's Jig


1-2 1st man and 2nd woman advance towards each other and take right hands.
So do 1st woman and 2nd man (see Fig.l).

3-4 They let go and retire to places.

5-8 They dance right hands across right round.

9-16 They repeat this, but taking left hands on bar 10 and dancing left hands across on 13-16.

17-24 Double figure of eight: all dance in a figure of eight. 1st couple begin by casting off, 2nd by crossing over upwards (see Fig.2). The women have precedence when crossing. All end where they began, but with 1st couple facing outwards.

25-28 1st couple cast off one place and turn by the right hand once round, ending ready to lead up (2nd couple move up on 25-26).

29-32 1st couple lead up and cast off one place on own sides.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

Dance devised by Hugh Foss.

Tune: Miss Stewart's Jig - of Bombay, as given in Annie Shand's Old Scottish Music, p.8, but with the first eight bars repeated.

Copyright, 1966, by Hugh Foss, Dalry, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire.

Glendarroch Scottish Country Dance Sheet No.6.