The Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton Reel

40 bar Reel.

This dance was devised in memory of the late Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton, Scottish patriot and founder of the American Scottish Foundation.

1-4 1st couple cast off two places and meet below 3rd couple (2nd couple move up on 3-4).

5-8 1st couple dance up through 3rd couple to 2nd place, on opposite sides, woman passing in front of man, and then turn each other with left hands to finish facing first corners.

9-12 1st couple dance a half reel of four with first corners, finishing by passing left shoulders to face second corners.

13-16 1st couple dance a half reel of four with second corners, and finish by turning each other with left hands. 1st couple, retaining left hands, join right hands with those who are in first corner positions: i.e. 1st man joins right hands with 2nd man and 1st woman joins right hands with 3rd woman.

17-18 All four balance in line.

19-24 1st couple drop left hands and turn corners into the middle. First corners then turn each other with left hands l½ times and return to original first corner positions. Meanwhile 1st man dances around his first corner's position into the middle of the set below 3rd place, and then up to meet 1st woman who has danced around her first corner's position and into the middle of the set above 1st place. 1st couple turn with left hands 1¼ times to finish by joining right hands with those in second corner positions.

25-32 1st couple repeat bars 17-24 with those in second corner position, who turn in the middle and return to original places. 1st couple dance around their second corner positions, then between their corners to meet and turn with left hands, finishing ready for

33-38 Reels of three at the sides, 1st couple beginning by giving left shoulder to first corners.

39-40 1st couple cross over to own sides, one place down.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

Note: Bars 19-24. It is best if corners start to turn in the middle on Bar 20 so as to be finished turning when 1st couple start their turn on Bar 23.

Dance devised by Freddy Sverdlove and Robert Gruskin, New York Branch, Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.

Copyright, 1967, by Hugh Foss, Dalry, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire.

Glendarroch Scottish Country Dance Sheet No.20.