Mackay of Strathnaver

64 bar Strathspey

This dance uses a formation suitable for a demonstration on a wide, but shallow, stage.

1-4 1st and 2nd couples dance right hands across once round.
On bar 4, 1st woman and 2nd man dance in to finish back to back on a diagonal line. 3rd and 4th couples do the same.

5-8 1st and 2nd couples - and 3rd and 4th - dance a half poussette. On bar 8 all couples make an additional half turn and open out, with nearer hands joined, so that 1st couple faces 2nd and 3rd faces 4th.

9-16 1st and 2nd couples - and 3rd and 4th - dance Rondels, 1st ­ and 3rd - going under the arch to begin. All end the Rondel by turning away from partners to finish facing diagonally in.

17-18 All dance a Petronella turn, moving one place to the right in their groups of four, dancing in towards each other on bar 17 and out again on bar 18.

19-20 All set, facing diagonally in.

21-24 All repeat 17-20.

25-28 1st and 3rd couples - and 2nd and 4th - dance half reels of four, beginning by giving right shoulders to partners.

29-32 1st and 2nd couples - and 3rd and 4th - dance four hands once round. All end facing in opposite directions in their new positions.

33-64 They repeat bars 1-32 in the opposite direction. In the Rondels 2nd and 4th couples begin by going under the arches. All finish in original starting positions.

Dance devised by Harry C. Ways (Washington, D.C.).

Copyright, 1968, by Hugh Foss, Dalry, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire.

Glendarroch Scottish Country Dance Sheet No.33.