The Laird o' Thrums

32 bar Strathspey.

1-2 All four couples take hands at the sides and set.

3-4 1st and 3rd cross down one place while 2nd and 4th cast up one.

5-8 All set again. Then 2nd and 4th cross down one place while 1st and 3rd cast up. (All are now on the 'wrong' sides).

9-10 1st and 3rd couples cross over, giving right hands.

11-12 1st and 2nd couples, on the sides, change places, giving left hands. So do 3rd and 4th.

13-14 1st turn by the right hand once round and let go. 3rd turn by the right hand half round and hold on. 2nd and 4th cross to own sides, giving right hands.

15-16 1st couple cast off on own sides to 4th place, while 3rd lead up, crossing to 2nd place, own sides.

17-24 1st couple set, cross over to above 4th couple, cast up round 3rd and cross to above 2nd.

25-28 2nd, 3rd and 4th couples advance and retire twice (one step each way), while 1st couple dance down outside 2nd, inside 3rd and outside 4th to bottom place, own sides.

29-32 All dance round partners back to back.

New top couple begins.

Dance devised by Hugh Foss.

Tune: The Laird O' Thrums, by J. Scott Skinner (The Monikie Series, No.3).

Copyright, 1970, by Hugh Foss, Dalry, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire.

Glendarroch Scottish Country Dance Sheet No.48.