The four couples stand as for an Eightsome Reel.

Steps: Skip-change step, whenever no other is specified.
Pas de basque, as in Scottish Country Dancing
High-cutting (or other reel step)
Balance, as in McLaine's Hogmanay*

*The Balance is danced with the rhythm of a pas de basque:
Bar 1: Leap forward on to R.F., bring L.F. to 3rd Position rear, step again on R.F.
Bar 2: Leap back on L.F., bring R.F. to 3rd position, step again on L.F.

Figure 1: Balance and Chain.

Figure 1 for Drambuie
Figure 1 for Drambuie

1-2 All balance to partners with right hands joined.

3-4 They dance a quarter of a Grand Chain. (passing partner with right hands and next dancer with left hands).

5-16 They do this three times more.

Chorus, danced after each figure:

1-2 All balance to partners with right hands joined.

3-4 Retaining right hands, partners dance forward to change places, turning about as they do so the men clockwise, the women anti­clockwise: (the joined hands are raised over the women's heads) so that they finish facing each other.

5-8 As much again.

9-16 With ball-room hold, the couples polka anti-clockwise round the set to their places again.

Figure 2: Spin into line.

Figure 2 for Drambuie

1-4 The couples turn rapidly with the crossed-hand hold. Top and bottom couples end where they started, but the other two couples separate so that two facing lines of four are formed; top and bottom couples each being in the middle of a line.

5-8 Each dancer changes place with the dancer opposite, passing right shoulder, and

9-12 back again, passing right shoulder, to end facing partner.

13-16 The couples turn as in 1-4 to re-form the square.

Figure 3: Men in the middle.

Figure 3 for Drambuie

1-4 Each man turns with one-and-a-half revolutions clockwise with four pas de basque, moving slightly forward as he does so (the four men will then be in the middle facing out), and

5-8 dances high-cuts (or other reel step) to his partner.

9-10 Each man turns his partner with his right arm and

11-12 the woman who was on his left in the original square with his left.

13-16 As 9-12.

Figure 4: Women all round.

Figures 4 & 5 for Drambuie

1-16 The men stand still and women dance a reel-of-eight (as in Schiehallion) round them. Each woman starts by dancing clock­wise round behind her partner.

Figure 5: Men all round.

1-16 The women stand still and the men dance a reel-of-eight round them.
Each man starts by dancing across to the woman on his right.

Dance devised by Hugh Thurston (and published in The Thistle, 1961).

Copyright, 1966, by Hugh Foss, Dalry, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire.

Glendarroch Scottish Country Dance Sheet No.17.