Cairnsmore of Carsphairn

32 bar Strathspey - 5 couples.

Figures for Cairnsmore of Carsphairn


1-4 1st and 2nd couples - and 3rd and 4th - cross over, giving right hands to partners, form a circle and dance four hands half round to the left.

5-8 1st and 4th couples - and 3rd and 5th - cross over, giving left hands to partners, and circle half round to the right.

9-14 Half Grand Chain (see Fig.1): to begin, 2nd couple face across, 4th and 5th down, 1st and 3rd up. They give five hands for five steps and on the sixth turn towards their right hands into the sidelines, 'wrong' sides.

15-16 All give both hands to partners. 1st and 3rd couples turn three quarters round to end in the centre of the dance. The others cross to own sides.

17-20 1st and 3rd couples dance a half reel of four (see Fig.2), passing partners right shoulder to begin.

21-24 1st and 3rd couples dance four hands half round to the left (see Fig.3), then give right hands to partners and cross to own sides.

25-28 All dance ten hands half round to the left.

29-32 All turn partners once and a half to own sides, using right hands for two bars and then changing to both hands for the last two.

Repeat, with couples now in 1st and 3rd places beginning.

Dance devised by Hugh Foss. Tune: The Marchioness of Huntly's Strathspey, by William Marshall (1748-1833) (Marshall's Collection, Vol.1, p.1. Also in Athole Coll. p.19, Kerr's Coll. p.10, Allan's Coll. p.16, Balmoral Reel Book, p.15. Note that there are at least two other tunes with the same name).

Copyright, 1967, by Hugh Foss, Dalry, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire.

Glendarroch Scottish Country Dance Sheet No.18.