The Banks of Spey

32 bar Strathspey : 4 couples

Music : The Banks of Spey by William Marshall

Figures 1-4 Banks of Spey

1-4 First couple cross over giving the right hand, cast off one place, dance in then turn away from each other to face opposite sides. Second couple step up on bars 3-4. Figure 1.

5-8 Third woman, dancing in slightly, turns half round by the right to join hands in promenade hold with first man then they dance round fourth woman and up the middle, At the same time third man, dancing in slightly, turns half round by the left to join hands similarly with first woman they they dance round second man and down the middle. On bar 8 hands are released, the women shorten their step and the men lengthen theirs to meet their own partner. Figure 2.

9-12 First couple turn time and a half with both hands opening out at the end to face second couple diagonally. At the same time third couple turn twice round then open out to face fourth couple diagonally. Figure 3.
The two couples centre their turns as they dance.

13-16 All set to the dancer they face then turn with both hands to finish ready for reels of four across the set, first couple with second, third couple with fourth. Figure 4.

17-24 Reels of four. Instead of passing left shoulder to finish the reel where they started first couple turn with both hands to finish at the top in the middle facing up with nearer hands joined. Second man curves round by his left at the end to join nearer hands with his partner who has danced past her starting position to meet him behind first couple. Third and fourth couples finish their reel similarly to face the top behind first and second couples. All men finish with their partner on their right.

25-28 First couple, followed by the others, divide and dance down behind own lines, first couple finishing in from fourth position with hands raised, but not joined, in an arch.

29-32 Second, third and fourth couples curve in to meet partner below first couple, join nearer hands, and dance up through the arch to finish in first, second and third places respectively. First couple step back on bar 32 in line with the others as they dance into place.

Repeat with a new top couple.

Devised by Bob Campbell, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Glasgow Assembly & Other Scottish Dances

Devised in November 1968 especially for Iain Boyd of Christchurch, New Zealand for inclusion in his book The Honours of Scotland. It will appear there under its original title The Music o' Spey to go with Scott Skinner's tune.