Riggs of Corn

32 bar Reel : 2 couples

Music : Corn Rigs

1-8 First couple, followed by second couple who curve round through top place to begin, cast off and dance down behind own lines then, turning inwards, dance up behind own lines to place with second couple leading. On the way up second couple dance to the top then curve round into own place to face out. Figure 1.

Figures 1&2 Riggs of Corn

9-16 First and second couples dance a double figure of eight. Second couple again finish facing out. Figure 2.

17-24 First couple, with nearer hands joined and followed by second couple who curve up through top place to begin, dance down the middle and up again with first couple still in the lead. (Second couple divide to let first couple through then rejoin hands and follow them up.) They finish ready for Poussette.

25-32 First and second couples Poussette.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

Devised by Bob Campbell, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Glasgow Assembly & Other Scottish Dances

This dance devised in September 1964, was inspired by Hugh Foss's double figure of eight. It is best performed in three couple sets.