Leslie's Strathspey

32 bar Strathspey : 3 couples

Music : Miss Leslie Campbell's Strathspey by Nan Main, AberdeenW

Figures Leslie's Strathspey

1-8 First couple, advancing slightly, set to each other and finish facing the top, join nearer hands momentarily, then

3-8 cast off one place on own sides dance up and across and cast off round partner's position into second place. (Bars 5-8 are in the form of a half figure of eight.) At the same time second couple lead up and follow two steps behind first couple curving round at the end to finish in top place on opposite sides. See figures.

9-16 The same as bars 1-8, first couple starting from their new position and dancing with third couple. First couple finish on own sides in third place, third couple on opposite sides in second place.

17-20 First and third couples dance hands round to the left half way then first man turns third woman once round with both hands while first woman and third man do the same. First couple are now in second place on opposite sides and third couple in own place.

21-24 First and second couples dance hands round to the left half way then turn partners once round with both hands to finish in original places but slightly in from the side lines.

25-28 First and second couples set twice, first woman and second man advancing evenly on bars 27-28 to finish back to back in a diagonal line with first man and second woman and join hands with partner ready for Half Poussette.

29-32 Half Poussette.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

Devised by Bob Campbell, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Glasgow Assembly & Other Scottish Dances

Devised in March 1965 for our daughter Leslie Joan. The women have precedence in the double half figures of eight, bars 5-8 and 13-16.