Harvest Time

32 bar Jig : 3 couples

Music : Harvest Time - old Irish set tune

1-8 First and third couples dance Petronella figure. On bars 7-8 hands are joined on the sides with second couple and all set three and three, first couple assisting second couple to face out and up at the end.

9-16 Reels of three on the sides, first and third couples dancing in to begin, second couple dancing out and up. Third couple cross back to own sides on bars 13-14. Figure 1. First couple accelerate a bit at the end of the reel to finish in the middle giving right hands. Figure 2.

Figures 1&2 Harvest Time

17-20 First couple finish crossing to own sides, cast off round second couple then turn once round with the left hand to finish facing down the dance, first man with his partner on his left.

21-24 First couple lead down between third couple, divide, and cast up behind third and second couples to place.

25-26 First and second couples cross over giving right hand to partner to finish, first couple facing down and second couple up. (First woman and second man make a short turn to their left at the end of bar 26 as in rights and lefts.)

27-28 First and second men turn once round with the left hand to finish facing partner across the set while first and second women do the same. (First woman and second man make a polite turn at the end of bar 28.)

29-32 First and second couples dance half rights and lefts.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

Devised by Bob Campbell, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Glasgow Assembly & Other Scottish Dances

Devised in January 1962 for Stan Hamilton and the lads in the band.