Geneva Park

40 bar Jig : 3 couples in four couple set

Music : The Devil in Dublin (Kerr's 4th Collection for violin)

1-8 First couple, followed by second couple, dance down to below third couple wtih nearer hands joined, cast up round them and into the middle, dance up to the op and cast off into second place. Second couple finish in top place facing out.

9-16 First and second couples dance a double figure of eight, second couple finishing in top place. Figure 1.

Figures 1-3 Geneva Park

17-24 First couple cross over giving the right hand, cast off round third couple who step up, then turn twice with left hand dancing up as they do so to finish with first man facing third woman and first woman facing third man.

25-32 First and third couples dance a reel of four to finish in the middle facing the top with nearer hands joined and first couple in the lead. (At the end of the reel first woman dances up to meet her partner who has danced in, while third man dances round by his left to meet his partner who dances past her starting position to meet him. Figure 2.

33-36 First couple, followed by third couple, dance up and cast off round second couple then down behind own lines to third place and in to meet giving the right hand. Third couple finish in second place. Figure 3.

37-40 First couple turn once round with the right hand and cast off on own sides to bottom place. Fourth couple step up.

Repeat, with a new top couple.

Devised by Bob Campbell, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Glasgow Assembly & Other Scottish Dances

Devised in July 1965 for our annual Branch Weekend held at Geneva Park, Lake Couchiching, in September. The entry into the lead-up after reel of four requires care.