Campsie Glen

32 bar Strathspey : 3 couples

Music : Campsie Glen

1-8 Joining nearer hands first couple dance down the middle for two steps, set to each other, turn once round with both hands then cast up behind third and second couples to place.

(9-16) First and second couples Birl. See note about this form of progression.
9-12 First man and second woman set to each other, approaching on the second step, then turn three quarters round with both hands. Toward the end of Bar 12 they release hands and pivot right about to finish back to back, first man facing down and second woman up. At the same time first woman and second man dance counter-clockwise round the other dancers to finish facing partner. Figure 1.
13-16 First and second couples set to partner then turn with the right hand, first couple to finish facing down with promenade hold, the man with his partner on his right. Second couple finish in top place on own sides.

Figures 1&2 Campsie Glen

17-20 First couple dance a half reel of three with their second corners passing third man by the right shoulder to begin, then

21-24 dance a reel of three with their first corners passing third woman by the right shoulder to begin. At the end first couple divide to face out in second place on own sides.

25-28 First man casts up and first woman casts off. They dance across to opposite sides and cast to second place. At the same time the corner dancers advance diagonally a short step to join hnads in a circle then set, first step round to the left and second round to the right. Releasing hands on bar 27 they dance round by their right to place (still on opposite sides). Figure 2.

29-30 All three couples turn partner once round with both hands, join hands in a circle, then

31-32 dance six hands half round to own sides.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

Devised by Bob Campbell, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Glasgow Assembly & Other Scottish Dances

Devised in March 1976 as an anniversary present for my wife Dorothy. When the Birl is danced in the ordinary way the two couples turn with both hands on the last two bars and dance out to own sidelines. The figure has been adapted here for entry into the half reel of three with the promenade hold. Bar 25 should be danced as an advancing setting step by the corner dancers, i.e. straight toward the corner diagonally opposite with a lift of the left foot into third rear aerial position at the end. At the end of bar 30 second and third couples open out smoothly to form the circle with first couple. Bars 29-32 will probably require considerable practice.