John Anderson's Reel

32 bar Reel : 3 couples

Music : John Anderson's Reel

1-8 First couple cross over giving the right hand, cast off one place, cross back to own sides giving the left hand, then first man casts off round third man while first woman casts up round second woman. They finish in a diagonal line with first corners. Second couple step up on bars 3-4. Figure 1.

Figures 1-3 John Anderson's Reel

(9-16) First Corners Cross Chain i.e.
9-14 First corners turn first couple into corner places with the right hand, turn each other time and a half with the left hand, then giving right hand to first couple again (man to man and woman to woman) turn them back into the middle.
First corners have now changed places.
15-16 First couple turn with the left hand to finish in a diagonal line with second corners. Figure 2.

17-24 Second corners cross chain. On bars 23-24 first couple turn with the left hand to finish in second place on opposite sides facing out.

25-28 Half reel of three on the sides, first man giving left shoulder to third man, first woman left shoulder to second woman to begin. Figure 3.

29-32 All three couples turn time and a half with the right hand to finish on own sides.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

Devised by Bob Campbell, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Glasgow Assembly & Other Scottish Dances

Devised in October 1963 for John Anderson of the Lakeshore Group in Toronto to go with Bobby Frew's tune. The turning on bars 9-24 is fast and strong but should flow smoothly.