Ann Nisbet's Strathspey

32 bar Strathspey : 3 couples

Music : Ann Nisbet - Fred Moyes

1-4 First, second and third couples advance and retire one step each way then, giving right hands, cross over to change places.

5-8 Repeat bars 1-4 to finish back on own sides with first couple facing out.

9-10 First couple cast off one place and meet in the middle, first man facing up and his partner down. Second couple step up. Figure 1.

Figures 1-3 Ann Nisbet's Strathspey

11-14 They set to each other then turn three-quarters round with both hands. Towards the end of the turn they release hands and each pivots right about to finish back to back facing opposite sides. Figure 2.

15-16 First couple dance left shoulder round their second corners to finish first man between second couple and his partner between third. Figure 3.

17-22 First man dances a reel of three with second couple giving right shoulder to second man to begin while his partner dances similarly with third couple giving right shoulder to third woman. First couple finish facing each other up and down the dance between the couple with whom they danced the reel, then

23-24 dance round each other passing left shoulder finishing ready to turn first corners.

25-32 Turn corners
First couple turn first corners with both hands, pass by the right shoulder, then turn second corners with both hands to finish between corners. On bars 31-32 they cross to second place on own sides passing by the right shoulder.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

Devised by Bob Campbell, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Farewell, My Fancy

Devised October 1977.