Montreal Rendezvous

16 bar Strathspey : 16 bar Reel - 3 couples

Music : Montreal Rendezvous (Strathspey) & Bob's Fancy (Reel) - Fred Moyes


1-8 First couple turn with the right hand, cast off one place then turn partially with the left hand, the man dancing up and casting off round second man, the woman dacing down and casting up round third woman. Second couples step up on bars 3-4.

9-12 Six hands once round to finish in from the sidelines facing partner at an angle. See Figure.

Figure Montreal Rendezvous

13-14 All dance back to back with partner.

15-18 All cross to opposite sides giving right hands.


1-2 All clap and first couple dance a Petronella turn, the man to finish between second couple who face down, the woman to finish between third couple who face up.

3-4 Set three and three.

5-8 First couple dance a Petronella turn to own sides then set three and three.

9-12 All clap and first man dances a half reel of three with second couple giving right shoulder to second man while first woman dances a half reel of three with third couple giving right shoulder to third woman. First couple finish in second place on opposite sides.

13-16 First couple turn once and a half with the right hand to finish on own sides.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

Devised by Bob Campbell, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Farewell, My Fancy

Devised July 1966 and was completed in a rush for the competition organised by the Society's Deep River Branch for their Centennial Collection, in which it appears.