32 bar Reel : 4 couples

Music : Maskelia - Fred Moyes

1-2 First and third couples dance a Petronella turn while second and fourth couples step up. Figure 1.

Figures 1-4 Maskelia

3-4 All set and finish facing as in Figure 2.

5-8 First man and second woman, first woman and second man turn with the right hand just over once round to finish in a line across the dance ready for a reel of four. Third and fourth couples dance similarly. Figure 3. (The dancers in the middle look to their right to see the dancer they are going to turn.)

9-16 First and second couples dance a reel of four across the dance while third and fourth couples do the same. At the end of the reel first woman dances up to meet his partner who dances past her starting place to meet him. Third and fourth couples dance and finish their reel similarly and all take up promenade hold. Figure 4.

17-24 Promenade for four couples. First couple finish in the middle at the top facing up, the other couples in their own places.

25-32 First couple divide, cast off two places, dance up, divide and cast off to the bottom of the set. Second, third and fourth couples step up on bars 31-32.

Repeat with a new top couple.

Devised by Bob Campbell, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Farewell, My Fancy

Devised September 1984. The name of this dance derives from the tune, named after a large house in Aberdeldy. Bob was intrigued to learn that Fred Moyes' mother was given a violin by the Maskelia residents and that John Middleton's mother lodged in Maskelia while she was a teacher at Breadalbane Academy, Aberfeldy.