32 bar Strathspey : 3 couples

Music : Moness Falls - Fred Moyes

1-8 Figure of Eight Progression
First couple cross over giving the right hand, cast off one place, cross up to first place on own sides and cast into second place. At the same time second couple set to each other, cross up to first place on opposite sides, cast off then cross up to first place on own sides.

9-16 First couple dance down, cast up on own sides round third couple, lead up with the left hand, cross over and cast off on opposite sides to face first corner.

(17-24) Set to and balk corners and turn
17-20 First couple set to first corner then, pulling right should back, turn with the right hand to face second corner.
21-24 They set to second corner then, pulling right shoulder back, turn once round with the right hand and head towards first corner.

(25-32) Turn corners
25-26 Turn first corner with both hands.
27-28 First couple dance round each other passing right shoulder.
29-30 Turn second corner with both hands.
31-32 Cross back to own sides passing right shoulder.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

Devised by Bob Campbell, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Farewell, My Fancy

Devised October 1983. This is the ancient name of St Andrews. Bob devised the dance for Georgina Finlay and notes that the figure 8 progression was devised in the early 1980's by Ben Stein of Burlington, Vermont.