Miss Johnstone of Dumfries

32 bar Jig : 3 couples

Music : Donald Iain Rankine - Andrew Rankine

1-2 First and second couples dance right hands across half way round to finish in from the sidelines facing partner, the men - and women - with nearer hands joined.

3-4 They set to partner turning to face down the dance on bar 4 joining left hands.

5-8 First couple, followed by second couple, lead down, cross over and cast up round third couple to own places.

9-16 First and second couples dance the Knot, on bars 13-16 first couple turn once round, the man pulling left shoulder back and giving right hand to partner to finish facing the women's side with Promenade hold. Figure 1.

Figures 1-3 Miss Johnstone of Dumfries

17-24 First couple, with Promenade hold, dance a reel of three with their first corners giving right shoulder to third woman to begin. Figure 2. They finish in the middle facing the women's side of the dance.

25-28 First couple, with the same hold, dance a half reel of three with their second corners giving left shoulder to second woman to begin. At the end of bar 28 they release hands and first woman finishes slightly ahead of her partner. Figure 3.

29-32 first couple dance down, cross over and cast up, first woman round third woman and first man round third man's position, to finish in second place on own sides. At the same time second corners complete the reel of three in the usual way. Figure 3.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

Devised by Bob Campbell, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Farewell, My Fancy

Devised November 1973 especially for the East York Group of the RSCDS Toronto Branch in memory of the late Miss Christine Johnstone.

See The Links o' Forth for a description of the Knot.