Dear Gladys

32 bar Strathspey : 3 couples

Music : The Duchess of Campbellville - Fred Moyes

Figures 1-4 Dear Gladys

1-4 First and second couples dance the first four bars of the Diamond Poussette. To start they dance an even step into the middle to meet their partner rather than forming a diagonal line. On bar 4 first couple turn once round and second couple half round to finish with promenade hold as in Figure 1.

5-8 The two couples wheel half round then dance out, first couple to men's side, second couple to women's side. The men assist their partner across in front of them and all finish ready for Ladies' Chain. Figure 2.

9-16 Ladies' Chain as per the pattern in Figure 3. Finish, first couple on men's side, second couple on women's side, men with their partner on their right and with right hands joined.

17-20 First couple lead down the middle followed by second couple. The dancers are on wrong sides.

21 Dancing round below partner to own side the men turn their partner under their right arm to her side. All are facing up.

22-24 The two couples lead up to finish with second couple at the top.

25-28 First man dances a half reel of three with third couple cutting through the middle to begin while his partner dances similarly with second couple. Figure 4.

29-32 First couple dances another half reel of three, the man with second couple and his partner with third. They finish on own sides in second place. On bars 25-32 second and third couple have danced a continuous reel of three.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

Devised by Bob Campbell, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Farewell, My Fancy

Devised June 1966 for a good family friend, Gladys McLellan.