32 bar Strathspey

1-8 Double Figure of Eight Reel
1st and 2nd couples cast, 3rd and 4th couples cross up to start.

diagram for Corriearrack

9-12 3rd and 4th couples lead up to 1st and 2nd places while 1st and 2nd couples cast off to 3rd and 4th place, and all set.

13-16 Repeat bars 9-12, 1st and 2nd couples lead up, 3rd and 4th couples cast, and all set.

17-24 "Criss Cross"
17 1st man and 3rd lady cross right hands.
18 1st lady and 3rd man cross right hands.
19-20 2nd and 4th couples cross right hands.
21 2nd lady and 4th man cross right hands.
22 2nd man and 4th lady cross right hands.
23-24 1st and 3rd couples cross right hands.
Note: each couple takes 2 bars for each crossing.

25-28 Half reels of four on sides. Left shoulders on men's side, right shoulders on ladies' side.

diagram for Corriearrack

29-32 All advance and retire. Finish in order 2,1,4,3


Robert Donald 1976