A Wee Touch O' Class

3 couple dance in 4 couple set. 32 bar Jig.

1-8 1st and 2nd couples dance rights and lefts, 1st man finish facing out.

9-12 1st man cast off followed by 1st lady to finish in 2nd place man facing down to 3rd lady and lady facing down to 3rd man (2nd couple move up on bars 11 and 12).

13-16 1st couple dance round 3rd couple passing right shoulder to finish in 2nd place facing up, man on ladies' side and lady on men's side.

17-24 2nd, 1st and 3rd couples dance reels of three. 1st couple passing 2nd couple left shoulders to begin.

25-28 2nd couple and 1st couple dance a left hand wheel across to finish in 2nd place opposite sides.

29-32 1st couple turn left hands one and half times to finish in 2nd place own side.

Repeat having passed a couple.

Bill Hamilton. (Edinburgh)