Spruce Hill

40 bar Reel

Figures for Spruce Hill

1-4 first couple dance a half figure of eight around the second couple, finishing in partner’s place.

5-8 first and second couples “set and progress”; that is, first man sets to second man while first woman sets to second woman (2 bars), then each dancer turns by the right with two pas de basque into the position just vacated by the person on his or her right. (Fig. A)

9-12 First and second couples dance half rights and lefts; finish with polite turns.

13-16 First and second couples set and progress from the new positions.

17-20 First man and second woman, also first woman and second man, change places with partners, giving left hands, but finishing with polite turns, left hands still joined, the first couple facing up and the second facing down. (Fig. B)

21-24 First and second couples promenade around each other, men passing left shoulders in middle, to finish with first couple on men’s side and second couple on women’s side, in each case the woman on partner’s right.

25-32 First and second couples dance a reel of four across the dance; men begin by passing left shoulders while women dance into partners’ places. All finish in partners’ places. (Fig. C)

33-36 First and second couples set and progress.

37-40 First couple dance a half figure of eight around the second couple.

NOTE: Bars 17-20 are danced like half rights and lefts, but starting up and down the lines of the dance.
For bars 25-32 I am aware that it is unconventional for the men to enter the reel of four ahead of their partners, but experience has convinced me that this entry is preferable in this case.

Bonspiel Collection 1972 - Peter McBryde.